The Broken And The Foolish, An Excerpt

Sara always tells some good stories!

Sara Kjeldsen Writes

Excerpt from Chapter 4 of The Broken And The Foolish 

As the horses and I traveled across the state, I felt a strong desire to treat someone else the way I had been treated. I longed to inflict justice on a man who really deserved it. A bastard needed to pay his dues that day and I would be the one to collect.

Some of the worst men traveled in coaches, because they were rich enough to pay someone to cart them around. I rode around the next town to avoid running into more people and then slowed my horses at the sight of a stagecoach on the road ahead of me.

I followed it at a significant distance for the better part of an hour. To my annoyance, two riders emerged from the direction of the town and were riding toward me. I sighed loudly and willed for them to…

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