Episode 9: The Red Mage Cat seeks revenge – Guest Post by, Jemima Pett…

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“Yes, yes! They’ve fallen for it!” The Red Mage Cat capered about in glee.
Across the room, Carver the Ranger fought his bonds and scowled. He could neither move nor warn the two fox-rabbits. Shouting at them would do no good. He could only see them in the large crystal globe poised in the centre of the room. His captor danced around it, occasionally poking at it with his staff.
“See? See how they follow it blindly, thinking it’ll show them the way? Hee-hee!”
“Why don’t you just bring them here like you did me?”
“Oh, I will. I’ll just play with them first.” The Cat paused and looked at Carver over his shoulder. “You know them? Ah, yes—that’s your horse. Oh…

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