In Trouble! Again!

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

It’s a serious business, apparently. Books, that is, and how you (as in, how I treat them). I know one or two library people, lots of book-lovers, readers, collectors, such-like.

One of those people (not saying from which group; you try to guess) went into my book-room the other day and came out looking as if they’d seen a ghost (see, no gender reference to give you a clue (or clew, as the case may be)).

“What’s wrong?” I’m a bit concerned – thoughts of moths and other critters, or damp, mould, mildew; the real disaster things.

This person held up a book. It’s one of the books I re-read a lot. It’s a craft skills book. It was held out, open at a particular page. I know the page well. I’ve put notes in the margin, written things to direct me to other folders, files, etc. to find more…

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