#UK2018 – Three parks and Sherlock Holmes house

Enjoy, Robbie!

Robbie's inspiration

Mr Fox and I have been visiting London. On our own! Not my first choice actually, I miss my boys a great deal but they restarted school yesterday and it is an important term with examinations for both of them so it wasn’t practical to bring them with us.

The one nice thing is that you can log onto Wifi just about everywhere in London so I could text them all day long. Greg also called me [a few times] about very important things like whether he really had to go to his music lesson on the first day of the new term [it is so tiring to go back to school after a month of holiday doing absolutely nothing] and where his blazer is [in his cupboard – big surprise that]. Anyhow, my mother assures me that they are all surviving [her and my dad, of course, the boys…

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