Scene 7 – and a Proper Title for (?) the Old Lady & the Mad Horse

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

And Scene 7 – All the other scenes available here (WattPad). And the title – the name has been decided (not what you see on WattPad, nor is that the cover, unless …).
Next week I’ll give you the full spiel, the proper title, and the genre/s.


By eleven o’clock, Hella found his house. The only house in town with a modern car. Every other vehicle, not that there were many, had the three letters to indicate the region. This was the only vehicle with registration from the city.
It felt too easy, but sometimes things just slid into place.
She walked past three times. No noise; nothing to indicate anyone was inside. No windows open to the bright sunlight. Security shutters down. On the fourth foray, she had the prepared words down pat, the physical appearance of naivety and innocence pasted on her face. She presented herself for…

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