Rosie’s #Bookreview of #thriller When I Find You by @emmacurtisbooks #TuesdayBookBlog

Rosie Amber

When I Find YouWhen I Find You by Emma Curtis

4 stars

When I Find You is a thriller set in London. Laura is an art director who works in the advertising industry. She has a condition called prosopagnosia which is also known as face-blindness. It means she cannot recognise faces and must rely of other aspects of a person’s profile to remember them. For instance, a person’s hair colour and dramatic style, obvious tattoos, or unusual visible piercings all help Laura distinguish a person when she can’t remember their face.

At the work’s Christmas party, Laura gets drunk.  She’s been dancing with someone she labels ‘Mr Pink Shirt’; they’ve been inseparable and she’s enjoyed herself.  In the morning she wakes up beside a man who believes it must be pink-shirt-man, but when she sees a blue shirt crumpled on the floor she reels in shock; who has she slept with? While she’s…

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