Archillious: A Whole Lot of Crazy Bastard

Legends of Windemere

Some Batman Villain

Archillious did come out a little like Joker in that he’s always smiling and can be an utter psychopath.  He has an odd level of charm too, but that might also come from his habit of saying whatever he has to for survival.  He developed a habit of occasionally talking in the third person too and there’s always an adjective in there.  For example: the great Archillious, the cunning Archillious, the tender Archillious, etc.  His ego shot so far off the chart from the beginning that it caught me off-guard.  It also set the stage for everything he does.

The actual abilities of Archillious are a secret of War of Nytefall: Lost, but I can say he’s very dangerous.  He’s not a vampire either.  He is what is called an Utukku, which is a Sumerian spirit that escaped the underworld.  Well, that’s what it is in…

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