A ‘Borrowed’ Thought …

Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales

Anytime you feel bad about procrastinating, recall that Mozart composed the overture to Don Giovanni the morning of the day the opera premiered.

It’s the thought of the day from bluebirdofbitterness, (and the music is great, too!).

I am in the middle of a busy period of procrastination. The story about the old lady and the mad horse is in full swing, but it needs ‘something’ – and the only way for me to find that little gem is to keep doing stuff that’s peripheral, on the edges, in the shadow-world of the events.

It’s a serious business. I’m writing stuff (okay, call it editing or playing or sneezing – it’s words going somewhere and doing something!), but there’s a little thing in the back of my brain that’s saying: ‘Wait for it! Wait!’

I feel constipated, but can’t find the toilet … terrible play of words, isn’t it?…

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