Writerly Things…8/26/18

white horse by fence
white horse

Writerly Things…8/26/18
Traci Kenworth

It was a busy first week of college events but it’s going to be even busier this week with a full week of classes. My son is liking his experience so far, so that’s a plus. We have been having trouble getting things for him. Not clothes, but equipment, in particular, a gaming computer. My limit at the bank for a day is a thousand and since the computer is $976.39, I’m not understanding why it won’t go through. And that limit is kind of silly. We have bills to pay, groceries to buy, why should there be a limit? It is difficult to know if it’ll go through or not. We’ve already been waiting a week because of it. The money is in there, so there shouldn’t be a problem but for some reason there is. Things keep crossing with it and if will bring that total over a thousand, which is what twenty-four-some dollars? I’m holding off buying anything until mid-week just in case. Likewise, paying things and that doesn’t help with my bills.
In other news, I FINISHED the beta editing! I ended up cutting 15k in all. I didn’t think I could do it at first, but this will be a good lesson for future editing with PitchWars and eventually editors. I’m pleased with how this book turned out. I was able to add/cut what needed to be done. It was a struggle as some days I barely had a couple hours to work on things. I put it first before any blogging and I think that’s what will make a difference in the future. Writing has to come first if I want to be a writer. I can reblog things, I can help others out, I fully intend to do that, but I need to put my writing up higher on my to do list. I’m sure you all can understand as you do so yourself.
Blogs have their place and they’re a big help and inspiration but ultimately, it’s writing that I want to be known for.
Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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