Five things a parent can do for a child to allow them to become a confident and engaging citizen.

Stevie Turner

I saw a good question worth answering on Quora recently:

As a parent, what are the five most important things you can do for your child at a young age that will allow for him/her to grow up and become a confident and engaging citizen?

1.  Show and tell your child that you love him/her:

This is the most important one of all.  Tell them you love them and don’t leave them short on cuddles, hugs and kisses.  Give lots of one-to-one time such as reading stories or playing games.  If a child does not feel wanted or loved, they may constantly seek attention or develop unsociable behaviour as a young child or promiscuity as a teenager.

2.  Reinforce routines and boundaries of behaviour to make them feel safe:

Another important thing is for a child not to grow up in a chaotic household. They need to know when it…

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