What is “Fairycraft?” Part I

The Sisters of the Fey


Over the last few years, I have developed an interest in “fairycraft,” which is a direct result of my amazing experience in meeting a fairy elemental when I lived in Florida.

It was a warm late Autumn morning in November 2014, the first time I met the swamp fairy.  The fog curled around the tops of the trees and the autumn breeze smelled of fragrant flowers, even though the early frost had killed all the wildflowers.

That day, I left early for my regular morning walk.  I took the narrow back road behind the housing area where I lived. My destination was a natural Florida slough, split in two by the road where I found myself each morning, mesmerized by the magic of the location.

That particular morning I could hear the chirping of birds, as tiny bugs hatched on the warm autumn breeze, buzzing about my head.  As I…

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