6 Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts!


I am catching up on these six wonderful prompts and I have decided to make them into a mini continuing story following on from the last mini continuing story I did for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Hope you all enjoy! 🙂


“It’s called gustation.”, I informed Al who was barely listening.

“What is babe?”

“When you taste something.”

“Pregnancy making you eat the dictionary?”, he smiled.

I grinned.

“I need to be reading something between calls at the office!”

“You need to be resting Nick. Not been in a bloody office!”

“I’m pregnant dude. Not dying!”

“Even so … so hit me with another one?”

“OK, sternutation?”

“You when the cookies are gone.”, he laughed.

“I get it, stern. Well you know, I have me cravings. The baby or babies is hungry …”

“You are blaming the baby … or babies … too much!”, he laughed.

“So go, what…

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