Rebecca Reads: First To Die by James Patterson


If you ever want to read a book that splits opinion, First To Die would be a great one. The reviews on Goodreads range from 1 star to 5, and even those in between are indecisive as to whether the series as a whole is worth bothering about.

But I loved First To Die when I read it in 2015, and I still loved it when I started reading it again last week, so I’ve decided that this time, I’m going to make it to the end.

Sixteen books is a huge undertaking, especially since I couldn’t get past book 6 last time, and reading the second one inspired a dislike of sequels, which subsequently drove me to writing one I could be proud of (I’ll explain this further when I review Second Chance), but I’m determined to make it to the sixteenth book, if only to find out how…

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