Yeah, I’m a Yankee Bitch, but still y’all, YEEEEEHAW!!!

My HME is coming to visit! My HME always makes people ask What’s an HME? and again, I tell you, my HME is a person. Maybe her name’s Hattie Mae Eller, you don’t know. This ain’t her blog, you don’t need to know who she is ferreal, just that she is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world and she has been my friend through thick and thin these last … I am bad at math … since …  MTV played music videos and people thought the internet was a phase.

Oh my goodness, we were so young. So young we got up early to run, but also so young we smoked IN coffee houses WHILE drinking caffeinated coffee in the middle of the night. So young the word ‘calorie’ was merely used academically, no practical application needed…

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