The Author Hideaway Dealership: WiFi Not Always Included

Legends of Windemere

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Welcome to . . . Oh, I see you’re in a rush, so I’ll get right to the pitch.  We provide authors with private locations that they can escape to after periods of stress.  These can be for work or just to relax, but we guarantee that nobody can intrude upon your personal haven without your permission.  Our products range from fortified offices to isolated cabins, but we do draw the line at pocket dimensions.  Yes, people tend to jump to that idea when we give the guarantee.  The problem there is that the rents are high and you never know when an interdimensional cataclysm will strike.  Last thing you want is to be stuck and gradually starve to death.  I will also tell you that we cannot build entire worlds.  It’s a single room or simple structure that can be no bigger than two floors.  At…

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