Dr. Myles Munroe:How To Live After Divorce Or Separation


I’ve been homeschooling myself in various areas and at this time I’m digging the wide range of topics offered by Dr. Myles Munroe. He not only includes the blueprint of how to be a man or woman, but steps on successful relationships (dating and marriage), building a business, following your vision, adding discipline your life, becoming a leader, and so much more. While these seem like common sense in nature, especially those on how to be a man or woman, one only needs to take a true look at society today in order to understand that these common sense topics were not taught. If the person stems from a dysfunctional background like myself, I can almost guarantee they were not. Our value systems were taught by what was modeled to us while growing up. History only repeats itself until we make an intentional decision to end that generational dysfunction. Today’s…

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