A Special Love

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Each day I find
my darling, as
the hours gently
pass by

Inside me grows
such wonderful
feelings which in
my heart will never
be denied

For each day that
I spend thinking
about you being
my lovely wife

Your love continues
to make lasting
impressions on the
daily moments of
my life

I find as time now
changes from hours
into days and years

My world is made lovely
by your selfless love
which by my heart is
held so dear

I know you will always
be my love, the most
important special part
of me

As you are the only
One who knows the
treasured things my
heart daily needs

With you I never worry
about being alone in
my life its always true

Finding your love to be
the truest of treasures
which keeps me falling
deeply in love with you.

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