Writerly Things…8/5/18
Traci Kenworth

The hot and humid days continue. Ergh, it’s like baking in an oven! I enjoyed visiting with my aunt from southern Ohio this past weekend. It was hers and another aunt of mine’s birthdays. We had a dinner and celebrated. Ham and all the trimmings, Italian sausages, mashed potatoes, chili hot dogs, and punch. My other aunt from out in Kirtland came out as well and visited. We don’t get to travel and visit with my aunt from southern Ohio as we did when we were younger. My allergies take their toll in the hills and I can barely think or at least that was my experience when last down there. Since, I’ve been put on two allergy meds that help some but somedays, I just get overwhelmed.
This week, I’m going back to my sleep apnea dr. I haven’t been there in a while and my quality of sleep has declined in the last couple of years with a broken machine and all. So, I hope to have that issue resolved soon.
I’ve been trying different printers I have around, but I can’t find one that works with my computer. I need one to be able to print out my manuscript and do changes to it as needed. Revisions are coming along slowly. I knew they would at this stage. Once I get over this, they should flow more smoothly or at least, that’s the hope. Right now, I’m stuck trying to figure how to bring three scenes together and blend into one. I think I will have to toss out what I have and start anew on the scene. Ticking down to Pitchwars and I’m still not sure if I’ll enter for sure or not. The timing is the factor, for me. It will be working on the manuscript the rest of the year into the new one and I’m not sure I want to invest that much waiting time. I mean, I don’t want to rush my revisions but adding more months to the revising might not work for me.

Have a great day, take care, and God bless!

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