#Middlegrade #Fantasy My #Bookreview of The Magpie King by M J Fahy

Rosie Amber

The Magpie KingThe Magpie King by M.J. Fahy

3 stars

The Magpie King is a middle-grade fantasy tale aimed at readers aged between nine and thirteen years old.

Tatty Moon is a faerie who lives with her family in a willow tree in Little Upham. Her best friend is Will Patch, an elf. Together they have an adventure which involves evil birds, a faerie gone bad, and a queen who sends them on a quest.

The story has a mix of nature spirits and human adults in an old-fashioned style country setting. It included many ideas that were familiar to me, from classic children’s books: a fall down a hole, magic shrinking powder, a lightning bolt and a scar. I wondered if it may have been written with a specific set of readers in mind, maybe as an homage to those favourite stories. A nice idea, and, if so, it might be…

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