You Showed Me*

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Group dynamics are fascinating (or perhaps it’s just me). I’m not talking here about mobs, really (although they’re an example of how groups impact individuals). Mobs aside, I’m really talking of the way we sometimes look to other people in a group to decide how we’ll behave.

For instance, the ‘photo you see was taken at a rock concert I attended (no, not Billy Joel this time – I do occasionally listen to other artists… 😉 ). The way people act at concerts is often affected by the way other people at the same concert act. Do some people get up and dance? Others are likely to do the same. Does everyone stay seated? Then it’s less likely you’ll be the one to get up and dance.

Think about what happens when you’re in a group, and you’ll see that that tendency to behave as the group does is common in…

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