Dr. Myles Munroe/The Purpose Of A Woman


Although it sounds odd to learn the purpose of a woman from a man, Dr. Munroe does an exceptional job breaking down the pressures of the 21st Century woman.  I was fascinated to learn the breakdown of male/female roles stemmed from societal structures brought on by World War II. After women were recruited into the workforce (while men were away in war), the roles God originally defined for both became blurred. A shift in mindset occurred based on her new income-producing status. There was never a solution offered, both sexes simply mutated into what we see today. In my 50’s, I’ve only recently learned God’s original design of the female. I admit it’s hard to digest after working so hard to accomplish all I have in life, but it does explain many unanswered questions. Dr Munroe educates (with factual data), explains the history (dumbs it down brilliantly) of the topic at…

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