What’s So Wrong With Happy Endings?*

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

The thing about crime stories is that they involve, well, crime. Often (not always) that crime is murder. So, crime fiction fans don’t expect things to go smoothly and happily in the books they read. And, in many ways, if a story is too smooth and happy, it’s not realistic. Stories like that are often not as absorbing, either (if there is no conflict – nothing that’s a problem – what’s the point of suspense going to be?).

At the same time, many crime fiction fans want their stories to be optimistic. The ‘bad guy’ is led away to face justice. Or, the murder victim was a cruel, mean character whom no-one much will miss. And, even when the story is a lot more complex than that, readers often want there to be a sense of positivity (i.e. life will go on, and things will be all right, even good)…

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