Stream of Consciousness Saturday – tea, tee and T

I love tea too but coffee became a part of life since I discovered Starbucks and a Keurig machine.

Robbie's inspiration


This week’s prompt for LindaGHill‘s #SoCs is Tea, Tee or a word beginning with T. You can get extra points if you use all three. I have never participated in this particular challenge before but the prompt reminded me of a short scene from my forthcoming YA novel While the Bombs Fell so I decided to share it.

Today the children were lucky; their high tea consisted of more bread and potted meat paste. The children could either drink hot tea or fresh milk from the dairy. Mother used tea leaves in a pot to make the tea. She could not buy a tea strainer during the war, so the tea would be full of tea leaves which would settle at the bottom of the cup. Stray tea leaves in the tea would make Elsie gag, so she never drank tea even though Mother had the most beautiful…

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