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Anytime I write a novel, I make sure to write with feeling. What does this mean? It means getting into the minds of my characters; imagining what it would be like to be in their situations and under their circumstances, putting myself in my characters’ shoes. It means feeling their emotions, imagining their thoughts and reactions and seeing every detail through their eyes because if the author feels his/her characters’ emotions (happiness, anger, sadness, pain, excitement, etc.), the reader is likely to feel them too.

Expressing a characters’ emotions isn’t about just writing,

“So-and-so felt angry when she discovered that her husband of twenty years was cheating on her.”.

No. What it means is describing the jilted wife in terms such as,

“So-and-so’s eyes widened and she took two steps back when she discovered the red, thongedpanties hidden in the top drawer of the nightstand on her husband’s side…

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4 thoughts on “Writing with feeling – Guest Post by, Cherie White…

  1. Agreed, but I think it also depends on the reader and the writer. I have definitely read a few books that spent too much time on emotions, in my opinion, because I’m not an emotional person. I’m more interested in action, seeing the plot play out, or following the characters’ logical train of thought.

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      1. I never like any cries, haha! I rarely find a book that is emotional and actually touches me, and usually when it happens, I don’t think it was the author’s intention. Most other times, I do a lot of eye rolling. A perfect example of a book I rolled my eyes all the way through was VIOLIN by Anne Rice. It was a very, very personal and dark insight into her emotional life that I wish I could unsee…

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