A Poem | 11 Months Sober

My Bipolar Mind

Poem-11-months-sober-unsplashPhoto by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

11 Months Sober

A Poem | Samantha Steiner

I never thought I could last this long

Without alcohol fueling me from inside

But today I am 11 months sober

And I’m feeling so much more alive

I can’t say that I never miss it

Even after all this time

Because that would be a lie

But with every passing day

I’m feeling so much stronger

I can feel it deep inside

Just one more month to go

And I’ll be sober one whole year

I’ve learned to try to take things

One day at a time

And that I’m still me

I have my own identity

I no longer need alcohol to help me hide

The hardest part about not drinking

Is that I have to learn to feel what I’m feeling inside

Without using Vodka to mask my emotions

I’ve come so far…

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