Your Word

Where Words Daily Come

Your word is always in my
mind, my memory, my spirit
and nowhere can I go where
your word is not heard within
my ears

For my mind has become a
recorder of the goodness
alive in your word, and is
replayed throughout my day

Your word whether spoken, sung
or delivered in prayers lives
within me and is alive in each
breath I am able to breathe

For your word is a living word
whose life’s essence changes
the tenor and color of one’s
day with its master melody

And as thoughts are not erased
from the vaults of our minds,
our souls and our hearts always
painting the walls inside, nor
is your word erased from within

For it is a living word, a
spiritual word whose life
will never be diminished
for it comes from the eternity
of your love…my Lord, my God.


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