Writerly Things…7/22/118


Writerly Things…7/22/18
Traci Kenworth

Hello all! I’ve been busy cataloguing blogs and emails as I’m going to be switching Tues. to Spectrum. The past four years, I’ve paid separately for phone and internet from TV/satellite in an amount double what I’ll pay for a silver package with Spectrum. My finances took a hit four months ago as my ex is on unpaid leave and is no longer paying the arrearages he owes. How long this unpaid leave goes on seems to be up to the employer who insists he still works for them. They just don’t know when he’ll return. Meanwhile, my income has been halved. For years, he’s quit his job off and on again to rack up quite a bit of money (30k). I don’t know if I’ll ever see the tab paid at this point. It makes me upset that the courts say they can’t pursue him while on leave. When I don’t pay my bills, consequences happen, why isn’t that true across the board for him?
In other news, still working on the editing for my beta. The time is creeping faster to Pitchwars. I hope I’m ready. If not, I’ll have to try subbing it when I’m finished. I’ve been participating in getting to know you on Pitchwars. I’ll have to do my post over there today when I think of it. I tried Pitchwars last year but didn’t get in. I’m hoping this year will be different, but I know the competition’s strong, so fingers crossed. I have two mentors I’m keeping an eye out for as they like books that are comparative to mine.
The weather finally cooled off, so it’s been nice and mild the past week. They’re saying it’s supposed to remain cool the rest of the summer. We haven’t, thankfully, had the storms this year that we did last year that caused damage to our property twice. The cats have been lazing before the doors, catching the breeze. Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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