When Your Characters are Monsters

Legends of Windemere


In most stories, monsters are nothing more than deadly obstacles that have to be overcome to continue on.  They typically don’t have lines, much in the way of personality, or a very long lifespan.  Monsters earn attention by how deadly and scary they are as well as how uniquely powered they are.  They can range from standards like goblins to amazingly strange like the Paura Riders, but they are still nothing more than obstacles for the heroes to defeat.

The exception is usually when a monster is the main villain, but these tend to fall into humanoid categories.  You have your vampires, demons, liches, and other beings that still look rather human.  Even if the final battle is against a true monster, there’s a humanoid somewhere around to be the one who drives more of the action.  For example, in the original ‘Clash of the Titans’, the Kraken was…

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