Klonopin Krash

Beckie's Mental Mess

Hello, My Friends…

Hope you are all well this Monday.

Yesterday, I had written a post in reference to having and/or going through withdrawals from Klonopin.  I just wanted to send a message to all of you that sent in suggestions as well as your support to get through this.  I greatly appreciate all of you.

After I wrote that piece, I did take a shower.  It took me nearly a half hour to do so because I was trembling so bad, and had to keep holding onto the walls.  Then I cleaned Peanut’s cage.  These simple little things took me nearly 3 & 1/2 hours to complete.

I made it downstairs to throw the garbage out, and my roommate saw that I was struggling really bad.  When she asked me what was happening to me, I just burst into tears uncontrollably and almost started to hyperventilate.  She was great… …

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