Notes from a small dog ~ Connivance


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

She made me have a bath again,
It really wasn’t fair.
I thought that I’d be safe, you know,
Because my boy was there.

She even played me false on that,
And put me on the leash,
I saw a nice walk happening,
Got all excited… sheesh!

Instead she dumped me in the bath
And made him hold me tight,
Then hosed me down with smelly stuff
I’d thought I smelled alright!

She rubbed me down and brushed me,
Even tried to trim my feet!
“Don’t worry, girlie, when we’re done
We’ll have you smelling sweet!”

I struggled, but they had me caught,
Connivance would prevail,
Between them, they had won the day
…She even combed my tail!

As soon as she released me,
I shot straight out through the door!
I tell you, never trust a bitch*
With fewer legs than four!

* My two-legs informs me that it…

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