Getting to the Root of the Week’s Problem by Traversing the Canal: The Truth Is In There

Legends of Windemere

First up:

Grab ‘Quest of the Brokenhearted’ for 99 cents!  This month only!

I actually managed to hit publish and set up a lot of the promos while on my trip.  Part of it stemmed from not being able to sleep well when away from home.  The other was that I spent most of last weekend trying to hide a really bad anxiety attack.  No word on if people noticed me disappearing from the party every now and again.  Since nobody came looking for me then I assume I wasn’t missed.  All I did was lie down on an air mattress to read manga, do word searches, or do breathing exercises until I felt like I could go back out there.  Still, I mustered enough gumption to get the new book out and figured the storm was over . . . Boy, was I wrong.

For those who have followed…

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