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When one views a beautiful painting
by an awesome artist, their heart
embraces the beauty and life found
within it, while being left speechless
without words to say

When one hears a song whose soothing
melodies and rhythms serenades their
heart into a state of sheer wondrous
bliss and happiness, their heart dances
in its own private moment of joy

When one reads an awesome poem they
taste of the love living in the writers
heart, becoming breathless yet alive
allowing his/her words to brightly color
their day as it becomes their very own
priceless treasure

For a genuine and pure love when shared
creatively brings about many pleasurable
changes in our lives when embraced in a
wholesome way, while blossoming. leaving
a taste of many favorite treasures that
are found in our world

One becomes thankful for every moment
shared with the many gifts presented each
day, for their…

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