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Beckie's Mental Mess

Image result for picture of being tiredHello, My Friends…  How are you today?  

I’m hoping to keep this post short, is that I am exhausted today.  The heat index for today is 108.  Suffice to say, in a car with no A/C, I had a river of sweat flowing between my boobs.  NOT PLEASANT! 😦

My day started at 7am, fed the dogs, gave Jack his medication, then went online to confirm my SSDI being applied to my account.  After the confirmation was done, it came time to pay bills.  One of which is my mother’s internet service.  This already set the mood for the day.  An increase of $17 for international movies.  It’s an internet service, not cable!  To say the least, I’m waiting on my mother forwarding the invoice to me so I can blast the shit out of them.  It wouldn’t be the first time I have had words with her internet provider…

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