Writerly Things…5/13/18

woman in a fantasy setting
fantasy woman

Writerly Things…5/13/18

Traci Kenworth


Happy Mother’s Day, first off! I spent some time with my mother and family this morning. I got her a rose that lights up stake for her garden, a picture frame, and of course, a card. She got lots of flowers. I wanted to get her something that would last beyond the day and perhaps make her think of me. She enjoys her garden so when I saw the big rose, I said, that’s it! My own children got me yellow tulips and a set of pans. I’m told there’s a card, but one hasn’t signed it yet and there’s a second part to the gift. I won’t find out until I pick my daughter up late tonight what it is.

I didn’t get a chance to work on any more website changes yet but tomorrow I have off, so I’m going to try and get more done. I apologize in advance for the lack of links this week. I have been trying to juggle driving my kids, writing, editing, research, reading, and of course, the links. I should hear whether the transfer went through by tomorrow. You will automatically be directed to the new site when it goes up. I’m still on WP.com and JetPack is included along with their hosting and pretty much my blog is still the same blog, it’s just whatever changes I make to it here on out, are mine.

My followers and numbers will go with me so I’m happy about that. I wanted to see about including a newsletter. My link I’m told hasn’t been working so I’m going to see if support can help me. I won’t inundate everyone with continuous newsletters if you sign up, it’s just going to basically be a way for me to get out the news when I have a book/s for sale. I was told I should’ve had it up on day one but that just didn’t happen for me. There will be other minor changes to the appearance, although you might be seeing some of them already. I have to get everything finished and then figure how to bring it up on my cell, so I can make sure it looks all right for those users that follow on their phones.

As for writing, I’m still working on my historical romance. It’s nearing the mid-point and I still need to get those chapters up for my cp, sigh, life never slows, lol. I also started editing the beginning of my YA Fantasy to possibly enter it in PitchWars. I have until May 30th, but I haven’t checked what I need yet. Mostly because, I haven’t seen any posts on it other then the ones talking about the changes they’ve made to the contest in lieu of the fee reversal. If you’ve got a polished manuscript or close-t0-polished, you should enter. It runs from May 15-30. It is open to YA and Adult. Oh, also MG! If you’re entry is picked, you will work with a mentor to get it ready for an agent round in the fall. They say the work is intense, so be prepared!

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!


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