Writerly Things 4/29/18

Dying gods
Dying gods

Writerly Things…4/29/18

Traci Kenworth


It’s been a good weekend. The first weekend we’ve had off in forever. It’s nice to relax and do things you want instead of rushing around to do errands and drive my kids here or there. I got a cheap cellphone, one of those throwaways but it’ll serve its purpose for me. I don’t like the contracts of the more expensive phones. I was advised a long time ago that they’re harder to get out of then anything else. And I’d hate to get it and have a huge bill to pay that would drain my money, lol. I was also assured this phone is simple which I’m not much of a tech person, so I don’t need a phone that can take my temperature, lol. It’s a ZTE Majesty Pro Plus. It’s through Total Wireless and the reception’s actually a lot better than Straight Talk was for me. I was going to get a Verizon Wireless but was told that they have very poor customer service.

The weather dropped down last night, and some places expected to get snow, but we didn’t. The grass is growing fast and we’re going to have to look into a lawn mower and weedwhacker pretty soon. I do want to get some of the wood burned and pick as much off our front lawn as possible. We had several bad storms through her last fall that took down a lot of trees and we still have some huge trunks leftover that we’re having difficulty moving.

On the writing front, I’ve thought of more appealing titles for my series that was called Magic Foretold at one point. I’ve also started to gather the material to edit it since I got it back from the beta reader. I need to rewrite the beginning and some of the end and do some polishing. Overall, had positive remarks. I also need to beta for a couple writers that sent me their work. I haven’t started yet, but I will today and hopefully get that back to them soon. It’s just been a busy, busy time. I’m also still working on my romance and that is coming along nicely now. I have to get more of that out to my cp for her to read. I still have one book simmering and I’m researching another. Meanwhile, a new idea has come along, lol.

Have a good week, take care, and God bless!

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