Writerly Things…4/22/18

female god?
female god?

Writerly Things..4/22/18

Traci Kenworth


They are expecting more snow this week into May. They’re saying it’s going to be a cold summer. But it’s sixty degrees outside right now, so all is well. I wanted to talk a bit about my blog. There are going to be some changes in the weeks, perhaps months ahead. First, with writing links. I’ve been trying to add more links than I have the time to do so with life, my own writing, etc. I’m going to have to scale that back and stick to it this time. I may not always get the links in I want, but I’ll try to at least get the craft and other topics to their maximum. This means, I cut craft back to ten links and other to fifteen. I hated to do so but well, running myself ragged is not helping anything. I said earlier this year that I wanted to make writing my priority and I have done that but it’s slowly peeling back time-wise and I need to shore that up again.

Especially since I’m going to be diving back into editing soon. I think I may also enter PitchWars again, though I’m not positive. I’m torn between wanting to take the book I’m set to edit there or go with a new project. I’ve added new material to the book to be edited since last PitchWars. If you don’t know, PitchWars is a contest on Brenda Drake’s website where you can apply to be mentored by published writers. If you’re chosen you work with them to get your project into shape to go before agents. There was some flack this year as they were going to charge a $20 fee to enter to help meet expenses but that’s since been reversed. No, you don’t need PitchWars to sub to agents and editors, but it does help I hear. It’s a chance and a foot in the door, so to speak.

Other changes I’m looking into: possibly buying my own WordPress personal website. To do that, I’ll also have to bring a hosting site and security program on board so I’m figuring it’ll cost a couple hundred dollars. Mostly, because, even with a personal account, you have to pay by the year. I’ve resisted doing so before now but I’m getting an increase in traffic and I don’t want crashes because of it. Also, I was considering the benefits to owning my own site. Folks will take my efforts more serious, I’ve heard by the Horror podcast with Bob Pastrella and Michael David Wilson. I do own the domain name tracikenworth.com through godaddy and since WordPress won’t let me transfer the name without an upgrade, that’s another reason. Plus, to be honest, there’s a chance I might look into Patreon or ads to help me if I decide to go Indie in the future. I hope that won’t discourage people from visiting my site, I’ll try to not let it interfere much. This will all be gradual as I have to teach myself the leaning curve if there’s one.

Any advice? Suggestions?

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!


13 thoughts on “Writerly Things…4/22/18

  1. Having your own website is a great idea because it’s /yours/ and you say what happens on it. That was a lesson I learned earlier this year. Just one thing though, if you already have a domain with GoDaddy, why not just host with GoDaddy? My domains are parked with them too and I know the basic hosting isn’t too expensive. The good thing is it comes with WordPress as the ‘builder’. Not sure exactly how that works, but a lot of hosting sites advertise that WordPress is available. Worth checking out. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Meeka! The problem is I can’t quite figure GoDaddy’s hosting. I did see recently that they have the WordPress available with them. Not sure if that would make a difference. Years ago, I set up a page with GoDaddy to land on my wordpress site but I haven’t seen that it works. I thought bluehosting might be easier but I want to keep the domain I paid for with GoDaddy, just have it on WordPress. I know that might not make sense, lol. If I could figure GoDaddy out, maybe I will see.


      1. Ah…your domain is yours and you can park it or host it anywhere you like. So yes, you /can/ host with Bluehosting. All you will have to do is change the DNS stuff. I haven’t done it in a long time, but it really isn’t hard. When you’re ready, ring up the hosting company you want to join and get them to walk you through the process.
        If it helps, think of your domain as the phone number you’ve kept for years. No matter which ISP/telco you use to pay for your calls, the number stays the same [unless you decide to get a different one].

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  2. Not sure about the own website thing, but where writing is concerned, be brutal. Do whatever you need to do to make YOUR writing centre stage. That’s why I pulled back from WP so much. It’s a time eater. I needed that time to write as I have such precious little of it. Guard your writing time jealously.

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