Writerly Things 3/25/18

red fox

Writerly Things…3/25/18

Traci Kenworth


The daffodils are peeking through the hills and at the back of the house. And the orange poppies are popping up as well, well their fern-like leaves anyway. The signs of Spring bring both joy and relief but also a bit of sadness. It’s the look of the dead grass and such around the place. I know, I know, it’ll turn green and things will grow but this time of year always brings a touch of depression my way. Last week when I fell ill, a bit of depression or the blahs as I like to think of them were in that. I know that a lot of people feel this way around this time so I’m not alone. My sinuses were what kept me down last week and they’re still raging right now. Unfortunately, they’ve barely began this time of year. It doesn’t make the headaches any less or the constant reach for tissues any less.

The depression keeps me from doing things I love. It’s the whole not feeling up to it. I want to, but something holds me back and I linger in thoughts that nothing matters. When I bounce back, I don’t feel this way at all but when I’m down in the dumps, it’s hard to maneuver my way back out. Luckily, the depression doesn’t last as long as it used it. The kind thoughts from all of you have helped me to get back to things quickly. I thank you all!

So, I watched a youtube video this morning with Stephen, Tabitha, and Owen King. It was exciting listening to their approaches to writing. This interview was back in 2003 so Under the Dome was the book being promoted. Tabitha had a more awake-trance as she wrote, while Stephen admitted sometimes bits of dream that he thought might work went into his books, and Owen said he didn’t consciously do so. His was more this is what he wanted to say work. Tabitha explained a bit more about “killing your darlings,” and now I understand that better. I always though Stephen was talking about prose, but she said that it could also apply to a character that was just so awesome, they couldn’t do anything wrong and so they needed to die. I’ve had to do that to characters. They just became so perfect, so knowledgeable, they had to get mangled in some way.

I got bits and pieces of writing done this week. Enough to keep on, a few days, I even got a couple pages which is more than I usually do with the blahs so that’s a plus. I picked up some research books on the Roman Empire, one on the history of Geauga County, and Stephen and Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties, you may remember I was reading it on digital, this time I have the book, (I must confess I still like print over digital though digital doesn’t keep me from enjoying a story) and Stephanie Garber’s Caravel.

What have you all been up to? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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