Book Talk 3/9/18

Your Wish is My Command, Donna Kauffman
cover, Your Wish is My Command

Book Talk…3/9/18

Traci Kenworth


Your Wish is My Command by Donna Kauffman. 2001 A Bantam book.


From Goodreads: “For every soul there is one true mate.”

So says Sebastien Valentin, a former privateer destined to spend eternity bringing soul mates together. Hexed by a voodoo priestess nearly two centuries ago, he is summoned by anyone who unsheathes the Sword of Hearts …

Former powerboat racing champion Jamie Sullivan has seen enough of the world that she doesn’t believe in happy endings. And she certainly doesn’t believe in the costumed pirate who appears after she draws the antique sword she discovers in her attic — or his claim that he will match three people with their soul mates. And the third will be Jamie herself …

A notorious rake whose resistance to love sealed his fate, Sebastien has a surprising gift for pairing lovers for a lifetime. He introduces Jamie’s two closest friends to the happiness only true love brings. But when it comes time to find a union for the unique spirit he has discovered in Jamie Sullivan, Sebastien cannot imagine this fiery woman with anyone … but himself.

Can he break the curse that binds him? Or will he at long last lose his heart … only to lose the woman he loves?


My review: Jamie has been through two husbands and a lifetime of pain and doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after although she and her two friends have just opened a bookstore of the same name. While cleaning in the attic, she uncovers a sword and when she pulls it forth, a man dressed as a pirate genie appears. At first, she thinks he’s a trick by her cousin but is stunned to hear him say that he will match her and her two friends with their soul mates. She bursts out in laughter but soon Sebastian is busy learning about the women and figuring out who would be their best match. Jamie wants no part of it and even confides in one of her friends what Sebastian has told her. They worry he might be escaped from the mental hospital. Then Marta meets an author when his dog follows her home. Coincidence? Tell that to Ree who has the unlikest pair: a former nephew of a man she helped with his finances who thought her to be a trollop after his uncle’s fortune. When their fences are mended and sparks fly, Jamie begins to worry. Especially since she only wants one man: Sebastian.

Sebastian is confused by his feelings for Jamie. He never experienced the depth of attraction he has for her in all his centuries of obeying the curse that binds him to the sword. When he reveals his feelings to Jamie, she is stunned, and then shaken. If he truly is bound to the sword, there can be no future for them. When all seems lost, the two search into his past, hoping to find a way to free him. But will the dark priestess let him go?


LOVED! It was just the right blend of romance and the storyline keeps you hooked till the end.  The characters were all well-rounded. The romances intriguing. I’ve had this on my tbr shelf for a while. I’m only sorry I didn’t take it down sooner!

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