Writerly Things 3/4/18

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Writerly Things…3/4/18

Traci Kenworth


This past week we had the edge of the Northeaster that hit the east coast. It was windy and brought down a lot of snow and ice then passed over quick in Ohio. Signs of Spring are popping up. We still have the snow but the snow crocus(moon flowers) has popped up. I’m waiting for the daffodils next but no peek of them yet. I bought some lily of the valleys and bleeding hearts to put out. I will pick up more over the weeks ahead. I hope to have flowers everywhere this year. I need to replant my tulips I know as they haven’t showed up the last couple of years. I also have orange poppies that come up each year. I’ve tried daylilies in the past but had no luck but may try them again. I also want to get some roses.

I planted two small Rose of Shannara trees in the front that are just beautiful. Not sure if I’m spelling that right. They attract hummingbirds (my favorite) and butterflies. Yes, I’m in the mood for Spring, lol. Winter hasn’t been horrible, but it’s been enough to make me long for a change. Of course, Spring doesn’t seem to last long at all and summer and the heat take over. I have a lot of wood to burn this year from the two tornados last year. I have developed anxiety from those. I can still hear that wind bearing down like a freight train. I’m hoping that this year is milder and less storms.

The brainstorming on HA has slowed to a crawl again. Nothing more is ready yet. I’ll work on some other things for a while until the Muse hits again. LO is starting to come along better since a cp pointed out a problem to me. I wasn’t giving my characters a goal in the scenes I’m writing. I had to go back and fix that and now the story’s stronger for it. Funny, how someone else can catch things that don’t occur to us right away when we’re writing. My beta is still out with MF and then when I make changes to that, I’ll send it to the last beta. She’s had more experience at this than I have, so I know she’ll do her best to catch everything she can. It’s been hard getting anyone to crit lately until LO. I didn’t get a lot of crits on MF as everyone was busy so I’m kind of worried about that. I’m hoping the betas work. I’ve already got some ideas bouncing off me as to what needs fixed. How are your stories coming along? Are you editing? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!


6 thoughts on “Writerly Things 3/4/18

    1. Thank you, Robbie! I never know if my posts about life and writing are helping anyone. Editing is both fun and challenging for me. I like it because it gives me something to work with, shape into being. Challenging because, well, sometimes you pull sentences through the cracks to get them right, lol. Good luck on the editing!

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