Writerly Things 2/11/18

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Writerly Things…2/11/18

Traci Kenworth


I’ve been fiddling with an idea since last night that will become my next YA story. It’s about a school for misfits. I’ve almost got the details nailed down and I’m excited to see what becomes of it. Usually, my ideas hit around bed time. This one kept me up all night as more and more things came to light. I was wrestling with the idea because it is set in a universe like a certain other series of YA books that are famous. I don’t want to repeat things although I know some inevitable comparison may happen. I struggled with whether to make this idea workable because of the comparison. Will I be accused of ripping off the other author? I have no intention to do so. In fact, I’ve been looking at ways to avoid such and I think I’ve come upon some.

Have you ever come across an idea that’s similar to another author’s work? Did you find your story compared to the other’s? I think these books will challenge my writing as well on a new level and that’s always a plus. You don’t want to go backwards but always be striving to improve things. I don’t really have a confidence problem. I know I can tell this story. What I have is a fear that it won’t sell or that it’ll be received poorly. But I think it just might do really well for a certain niche of people out there given the chance.

I’ve been developing the characters for about a year now. Last night, I came to the conclusion the main character’s name may have to change as it is a name used in another popular YA series and I don’t want to invite comparison there either. I’m okay with the change. In fact, I may just like the new name a tad better. I still have about five or six characters to figure out in the series. There may be more as it’ll span years and characters may come and go.

Mostly, last night, it was the setting and the worldbuilding I worked on. Things have to be just so. Again, I worried that the idea might be along the lines of the other series until I began to focus on the details. Done right, this just may work. So, would you risk doing an idea that might compare to other famous stories? Even though, you’ll put your own spin on things?


4 thoughts on “Writerly Things 2/11/18

  1. I always think, Traci, that most ideas have been done or written before in some shape or form. The uniqueness would be in the telling. JK Rowling used giant spiders and so did Tolkien and Stephen King. Elves, witches, goblins, trolls we have seen them all before, somewhere, somehow.

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