Writerly Things 1/21/18

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Writerly Things 1/21/18

Traci Kenworth


Things still are a little up in the air here as far as schedules. My daughter will be settling into her new schedule next week, the problem is, since it’s in retail there’s not always the same days or hours so it’s a bit more of a wait and see what happens. My son’s still looking for work, but he’s got some great prospects as all of these businesses are opening up. What might hold him back right now is he broke his glasses and we’re waiting on income taxes to replace them and get him a second pair. I need new glasses myself. Something that’ll have to be put off to the future. I need to get bifocals that go all the way across the glasses instead of just the line. The line just doesn’t work well for me.

I’ve been juggling four projects at the moment as far as writing. There’s marketing stuff. Then there’s my short story. Two books. The first is a YA Fantasy set in biblical times about a boy and a girl who go against his people to save her people. I don’t want to go into any more detail than that as in the past when I’ve spoken about my ideas, I had one agent I was querying say that I self-published the work when I didn’t just because I put the blurb up for it. The second book is a historical romance set in the western frontier and concerns outlaws and family. Neither book is quite what I expected when I started out. There are twists and turns and complete surprises that caught me up in them. I really like both. They as different as night and day and it helps to be able to switch stories easier because of that. The YA Fantasy gets worked on in the morning and the historical in the afternoon.

I’m still using OneStopforWriters. I keep my scene map open in there while I write, and I have countless thesauruses there if I need them. I’m on the first draft for the YA Fantasy and the second draft for the historical. I plan to use Nicholas Rossi’s book about Emotional Beats when I go back for the next draft for the historical. I tighten things up with regards to the description and such on the third pass and that’s when it’ll be needed. The second is about making sure I get the story the way I want it. And then in each pass out from there, it’s about tightening and strengthening things. Sometimes chapters get cut. Heck, sometimes characters get cut! As we all know, there’s just something about putting things through the ringer to make it the best we can that I enjoy. Yes, I like revising! I’m not as bad about the writing any more either. It used to be I wanted to hurry up and get to the revision but nowadays, I enjoy finding the story as well.

How are you liking the Link posts? I’ve had a couple people tell me they like the new set-up and commentary so that makes me happy. Any news your way? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!



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