Hiatus till mid-Jan.

Traci Kenworth


I just wanted to say: I’ve met the most wonderful authors in all of you over the past couple years. I wanted to thank Craig (C.S. Boyack) for giving me advice on how commenting with each link would spice up my blog. It has, and I appreciated his willingness to help a fellow author. To all of you, who have encouraged me and given me hope as to a future of doing this writing thing, again, thank you! I continue to learn a lot from each of you. It is a joy to bring your blogs to others, so they can get to know you. I haven’t done much with regards to getting myself “out there” on other sites but I hope to rectify that in the future. The new year will be both a challenge and hopefully a blessing for me and my family. I hope it will be the same for all of you! Until we meet here again, take care, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God bless!

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