Book Talk 12/1/17


Book Talk…12/1/17

Traci Kenworth


Bound to a Spy by Sharon Cullen. Netgalley. Random House. Loveswept 2017.


A fierce Highland lass puts her life—and her heart—in the hands of a dashing British spy in this exhilarating romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Wed to a Spy.

Rose Turner’s mother sent her to the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, to give her a better life. Raised with rowdy brothers in a notorious border clan, Rose has plenty of experience fighting and thieving—and practically none when it comes to matters of decorum and discretion. Without a single ally, she has little hope of making a good marriage to salvage her family’s reputation. But after overhearing several influential lords plotting to murder the King of Scotland, Rose meets a man after all: a handsome spy trying to shield her from danger.

As one of the Queen Elizabeth’s top agents, Will Sheffield has come up north to keep a close eye on the goings-on at Mary’s court. A consummate professional, Will notices Rose’s presence at the secret meeting . . . and he’s not the only one. The wild, naïve beauty has made a fearsome enemy—and only Will can keep her safe. But after an attempt on Rose’s life pulls them tantalizingly close, Will faces an agonizing choice between professional loyalty or powerful passion.


Scottish, Rose Turner accidently overhears plotting to kill the King while coming back from a walk. Hidden in the shadows, Lord Sheffield, a spy for Elizabeth, sees her and seeks her out afterward in order to protect her. He doesn’t mention he knows she was there, he just befriends her. Rose is attracted to Lord Sheffield but knows her mother would never let her marry an Englishman. She is there to make a match, though she’d prefer not to be. Another man attempts to get to know her as well, though she is unaware that he is in on the plot to kill the king. Rose worries she should report what she overheard but is held back by the attentions from King Durnley who tries to compromise her. As she hides from the king, she finds an ally in Sheffield.

Time is running out for Rose though and when she at last brings herself to confide in Queen Mary, things go from bad to worse. Who should she turn to? Who can she trust?


I found this a charming read. Lord Sheffield and Rose are a perfect match, but their romance is hindered by the plot and Rose’s determined mother. Sharon Cullen’s spy series is truly enchanting, and I can’t wait to read the last one!



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