Book Talk 11/24/17

Book Talk…11/24/17

Traci Kenworth


Kristen Lamb’s Devil Dance. I won a copy of this from a OneStopWriter’s giveaway.


When Romi Lachlan’s fiancé disappears with half-a-billion dollars stolen from his company, she finds herself broke, blackballed, and the FBI’s prime suspect. Forced to take refuge with her crazy-as-a-bag-of-cats family at the Cactus Flower trailer park in Bisby, Texas, Romi’s sure her life can’t get any worse until Special Agent Benjamin Sawyer shows up, determined to recover the money and put her away. It turns out that persuading the hard-nosed G-man she’s innocent is the least of her worries. The body count in Bisby is rising, and Romi must uncover the secret to the town’s newfound prosperity before the secret buries her.



Romi goes home after her well-to-do fiancé takes off with her money and the fortunes of other people who would like to see Romi pay for her supposed crime. She doesn’t realize that FBI agent Sawyer is following her or that she’s a suspect in the case. She returns to the trailer park she thought she escaped only to find herself at odds with the law and other people who seek the truth. As she starts to re-build her life, her mother’s disappearance weighs on her mind and she discovers clues that her mother was murdered.

While bodies start to appear around town and Romi struggles with who to trust, the attraction she feels for Sawyer heats up. Will the two have a future or will Romi pay the price for getting out of poor town once and for all?

My only complaint is that it started off a little slow.





Nicholas Rossi’s Emotional Beats: 2017 Indie.


Because of the way our brains are wired, readers empathize more strongly if you don’t name the emotion you are trying to describe. As soon as you name an emotion, readers go into thinking mode. And when they think about an emotion, they distance themselves from feeling it.

A great way to show anger, fear, indifference, and the whole range of emotions that characterize the human experience, is through beats. These action snippets that pepper dialogue can help describe a wide range of emotions while avoiding lazy writing. The power of beats lies in their innate ability to create richer, more immediate, deeper writing.

This emotional thesaurus includes hundreds of examples that you can use for your inspiration, so that you, too, can harness this technique to easily convert your writing into palpable feelings. Use it as a feeling thesaurus and watch your writing take off!

Emotional Beats was an award-winning Finalist in the IPA 2017 Awards.


This is a great way to find descriptions for your writing when you’re trying to think of the right word. I find that this book is a great companion to the thesauruses of OneStopWriters. Need to do less telling in your story? Look at Emotional Beats. It will show you how to express every emotion you may need to. I’m definitely going to keep this book beside me when writing as it’ll help me in a pinch.



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