Writerly Things 10/22/17


Writerly Things…10/22/17

Traci Kenworth


I finally started my new work-in-progress, TGW. I’m about 3k words in now and having fun. I had to go back and insert two chapters between my first and fourth chapter as I needed to get some politics in the book aside before I could bring on my second main. Plus, my MC has to meet him before the events can unfold to the inciting incident. I have been back-and-forth researching biblical times and Israel and Philistia information.

I hope to get the times just right but it’s like uncovering fossils. There just isn’t that much details about the Philistines and who they are. A few scraps here and there. I’m doing what I can and then I’ll go back full-force before I edit. Or more likely, while I’m editing, I’ll see what I can find. In my research, I’ve run across the city of Petra where many Hollywood movies have been set including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the second Mummy movie.

It’s fascinating the details that you can discover just by doing a little digging. I’ve kind of based my city on Petra though its location is further northwest. My city not Petra. Petra is down below the Dead Sea according to the maps I’ve seen. It wasn’t made a historical site until 1985. Mostly, it was a legend, until one researcher tricked his guides into revealing its location. Sneaky of him, wasn’t it?

Armed with a handful of information, a bag full of inspiration, and my characters, I’m marching ahead. How are your projects going? Any fascinating research you’ve run across? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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