Book Talk…9/22/17


With Dark Hallows, readers were taken to the very heart of Halloween.With Dark Hallows II: Tales from the Witching Hour, they are taken one step further, to the early-morning realm of the ‘Witching Hour,’ where black magic is said to be at its most potent, and the threshold between the living and the dead grows frightfully tenuous. Lovers of Halloween and ‘dark’ fiction, will relish in this collection of 13 chilling tales, which include all-new works from: Richard Chizmar, Lisa Morton, Sean Patrick Traver, Annie Neugebauer, Ronald Malfi, Brian Moreland, James Chambers, Stuart Keane, Joshua Rex, JC Braswell, M.L. Roos, A.P Sessler, and J.D. Horn, bestselling author of the ‘Witching Savannah’ series.


Book Talk…9/22/17

Traci Kenworth


Creepy! This collection started with a bang, an old man who’d lost his memories but a trip through an amusement park brings them hauntingly back. A boy searching for his brother who disappeared on Halloween after entering a haunted school. Another boy and his friends playing video games, not knowing he’s about to enter the game in real life and it’s nothing like he imagined. A daughter who watches her mother burned at the stake and tries despite the town’s suspicions of her, to prove her mother’s innocence.

These are just a taste of what’s waiting in these pages. A great collection for all and just in time for Halloween!

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