Writerly Things…9/3/17


Writerly Things…9/3/17

Traci Kenworth


I’ve been doing the three rule this past week as there’s been a lot of hospital visits for family members and I’ve only been able to do a list of three for TGW. I’m working on the body basis template from OneStopforWriters. I still have some characters to flesh out and I’ve just had a new character pop in my mind. Not sure she will fit in this story or another yet. There are lots of templates to use at OneStop for everything from characters to setting. It makes you think about what distinguishes your character and setting from others.

I’ve got my other project MF out to a beta reader. It will be a while till she gets to it but I was going to have to wait if I got into PitchWars anyway, so that’s okay. TGW’s is nudging out other stories at the moment as I focus on the biblical aspect of it. Not that it’s going to be all that, but some, yes. It’s going to take place during the time of David. I hope I can get the details right. I’ve been researching what I can but most of the articles I see are repetitive of the ones I’ve read already.

I still have that historical romance to get edited as well. I have a wealth of research material on it that I have to double-check for what occurs. It’s more of a novella than a full-length book but that’s okay. It’s my first attempt and I’m pretty happy with the story. Not that it’s perfect, most first drafts aren’t. Editing will help with that. Then there’s the other stories I’m jotting notes down on that I’ve been neglecting. They are going to make great series hopefully but it’s not their time yet. Soon though. How do you pick what projects you work on? Do you work on multiple ones at once? How do you keep focus on one vs. the other?

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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