Reading Links 6/27/17


Reading Links…6/27/17

Traci Kenworth



  1. Even gods can be slain.
  2. Moonscapes bundle. The Dark Crimes bundle.
  3. Orcs have allies.
  4. Demands two re-reads to grasp all details.
  5. The town of Hiroshima and the bombing.
  6. The year is 1956 and the Axis powers rule.
  7. Rise of the Fifth series.
  8. Stop the magician. Steal the book. Save the world.



  1. Can she survive the move and the new clique?


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux is one of my all-time favorite books.
  2. A cruise. A billionaire.
  3. A new life brings a woman with everything to lose and a doctor with everything to prove together.





  1. The Warriner’s have a bad reputation. Will a preacher’s daughter change that?
  2. The boys are home from the war and trouble follows.



  1. A quality read.



  1. An assassin that gets a conscious as he’s about to pull the trigger.
  2. Hard-edged.
  3. Between life and death hides an epic war.
  4. Was it a case of mistaken identity?
  5. Will he really leave detective work behind?


Short Stories/Anthologies/Novella/Comics:

  1. Collection from its first five published authors.
  2. An eclectic collection.
  3. A good mix of established names.





  1. Keep a box of tissues handy for this one!



  1. Non-fiction about other writers and books.





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