Writerly Things 5/28/17



Writerly Things…5/28/17

Traci Kenworth


This weekend is starting to be a countdown to graduation for GamerGuy. He’s going to take a year off college to do some work and save funds. He intends to go for his Masters in game programming. He’s always loved games and wants to make them for others.

My weeks are going to change here now due to the graduation. Tomorrow, I have one more day left of picking him up half a day after graduation practice and Senior breakfast then my half-days will end and become job running for both him and AnimationGirl.

There will be some driver’s training thrown in soon. I was late learning to drive so I’m not surprised they are as well. I’ll be fraught with nerves though while this all goes on, lol.

Writing-wise, I’m continuing to work on a new YA project set in my home state of Ohio. I finished my historical romance first draft and will put that aside for a while. I like having more than one project to work on at a time, it keeps me moving on even when I get stuck on one, I can work on another. I used to only be able to write one at a time but I find if I do different genres, it helps to keep the focus separate on them.

How’d your weekend go? Have a great week ahead, take care, and God bless!

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