Writerly Things 4/30/17


Writerly Things…4/30/17

Traci Kenworth


I started working on the next project I plan to do. I’ve done a little worldbuilding and now I’m into making the maps. First are the scale maps, later on, I’ll zoom in on the streets and places in the small town. Yes, it’s small town. It’s what I know, lol. I’ve been to the city but really most seem to be big, crazy places where anything can happen. Although, someday, I may venture to those areas. I know they hold a lot of excitement and tons of entertainment.

Small towns have a charm for me though. They can be peaceful or loud. Most neighbors talk to one another, if only to keep watch on the community. If I have a problem, sometimes talking to an Elder in the community works better than going to the police. I live in farm country, mostly Amish. I used to live in a bigger town, a century one so I use that setting sometimes as well.

It’s fun to begin a new project. At first, you’re tired and don’t want to write a thing after finishing a book then things pick back up on their own accord. I don’t rush myself. I know I need rest and that when I’m ready I’ll put pen to paper and write the first draft. I may begin before I get my other book back, but I may wait and finish my historical. I haven’t felt the need to push myself yet.

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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